Sigurd Hoel

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mai 3, 2010 av Redaksjonen

Sigurd Hoel (December 14, 1890 – October 14, 1960) was a Norwegian author and publishing consultant, born in Nord-Odal. He debuted with the collection of short stories Veien vi gaar (The way we go) in 1922. His breakthrough came with Syndere i sommersol (Sinners in Summertime, 1927), which was made into a film in 1932 and in 2002. He was the son of teacher Lars Anton and Elisa Dorothea Hoel, and grew up in Odalen. He was admitted into Ragna Nielsens school in Kristiania, but when he finished school in 1909, he could not afford to begin college right away. He worked for a while as an insurance salesman before he could begin his studies in 1910, during which time he supported himself with teaching jobs. In 1913 he was an employee at Ragna Nielsens school. In his time at college he was the editor of the periodical Minerva. His literary career began with the short story «Idioten» («the Idiot») from 1918, when he won a writing contest. The same year he became an employee of «Socialdemokraten» as a literature and theater critic. In 1920 he wrote the comedy Den Enes Død together with his friend Finn Bø. Harald Grieg got him a job as a consultant for Gyldendal Norsk Forlag and Erling Falk made him the editor of Mot Dag.  In 1924 he traveled to Berlin to study socialism, and there he wrote his first novel, Syvstjernen (The Seven Star). He continued on to Paris, where he met Nic Waal (died 1960), whom he married in Norway in 1927. They separated in 1936, and the same year he married again, this time to Ada Ivan. From 1934 to 1939 Hoel was a co-worker of Wilhelm Reich who then had chosen Oslo as his exile. Hoel contributed to Reich’s German language periodical Zeitschrift für Politische Psychologie und Sexualökonomie (Journal for Political Psychology and Sex Economy) and was the editor-in-chief of the issues No. 13 to 15.  One of his major essays deals with the Moscow Trials.  During the war Hoel and his wife went back to Odalen. He participated in the Resistance, and wrote articles for the Resistance press. In 1943 he was forced to flee to Sweden. Hoel had a short connection to the landsmål movement, but later played an active part in the riksmål campaign. He was among the founders of the Author’s Association of 1952 and was the chairman of theRiksmålsforbundet from 1956 to 1959. He died of a heart attack at 70 years of age.

Ganske kult med Odølinger på Wikipedia, på engelsk. Norsk tekst finnes her. Røverhistorier om denne karen tas i mot med stor takk i kommentarfeltet!


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