Vi ønsker PleasurePain Velkommen til Audunbakken!


juli 18, 2011 av Redaksjonen

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Either you came for the pleasure or the pain, these shimmy-shaking freak-act Honeys will take you by storm! PleasurePain does the flash and the quiver, followed by an act that will make you shiver.

The Pleasure: Inspired by the Golden Era of Burlesque, the honeys of PleasurePain will give you a sparkling, tantalizing performance filled with glamour and what was called risqué blue-material. Their outstanding peep-show will make you roar for more. Stay tuned, how far will they go?

The Pain: Didn’t get enough from the Burlesque? Watch out as the Ladies turn the heat up with their freak-act pain performance. This is a bit you won’t look away from, the Ladies will take you through the classics; human pincushion, bed of nails, blockhead and blasting fire with all their charm and femininity. It will make you laugh and scream – can it be for real? Find out, and see how far they will go.

Who is PleasurePain? LolaPop will take you up-up and away with all her charm. She is a Spanish sensation of heavenly beauty and vintage glamour. “It’s the longest legs miles away!”
Janny The Fanny is your petit oh la la! Sassy, classy and a true vixen with the raven bangs and swingin’ hips. “A little lady – a whole lotta’ show!”

Together they’ve known each other since the childhood, both with a fascination for the extraordinary. PleasurePain official started off in late 2007, and have been teasing, shocking and rocking their audience ever since.
So step right up, don’t be shy! Hold on to your hat and garter and give it up for LolaPop and Janny The Fanny.


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